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Mosaic / Stained Glass Courses and Workshops

Creating Mosaics / Stained glass offers a unique opportunity for individual expression. Students have to physically touch and shape each piece in a way that puts their bodies, minds and souls into the creative process. The art of mosaic or stained glass is not only liberating  but also forgiving and its lessons can extend far beyond the tesserae, coloured glass and design, it is both relaxing and mentally stimulating, it's easy to spend hours in the processes. And it is very enjoyable when it comes alive through its relationship with light and changes according to the time of day, seasons or weather.

Mosaic / Stained Glass art classes are available for ages 4 and up in our Toronto location. Also any school, art centres, senior homes, hospitals, day cares or special needs classes, can ask us to provide our mosaic, stained glass or clay work-shop activities or tailor a custom workshops to suit your needs.

No art experience or drawing ability is needed to participate in your workshop



Mosaic/Stained Glass workshop:303_530x530-student-burlington.jpg
are the ideal place to  start making glass art, run by professional artists. Classes are suitable for beginners and established mosaicists or stained glass artists who want to expand their knowledge. working with glass is a wonderful hobby / craft that can be turned to be a profession after finishing your guaranteed sellable art piece with Glass mosaic Canada.

Our resume includes teaching Mosaic and Stained Glass in:
                                             Click on picture to see more about our activites

Burlington Art Centre
AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
Redeemer University College 

Royal Botanical Garden in Hamilton

Duffrin Peel Catholic School Board Continuing Education

Peel District School Board

Canadian Coptic centre in Mississauga

The Hospital of Sick Children  Toronto
Trillum Health centre
AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)
The Mississauga Angelic Arts Academy
St. Jerome Prison (minimum security jail in Montreal)

Our instructors Completed the Artist Educator Program at The Royal Conservatory for Arts in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Mosaic art is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression known to man. The teaching of mosaic techniques is the main focus of Glass Mosaic Canada, With over 10 mosaic work-shop for adults is relaxing and fun to know the art and other peopleyears of experience in creating mosaics and teaching this ancient art form; we are pleased to pass on all our expertise in our courses. Whether you have worked on mosaics or not, we can offer a workshop that is suited to you. In our courses we focus on the practical knowledge behind the different mosaic techniques. Planning of a mosaic is the most important step, so we will teach you how to prepare for your project to ensure that it is a success. Our classes are small. Typically no class will be more than 7 people so that each student gets the required attention.
In Glass Mosaic Canada, we would like to consider you part of our family. We encourage all of our students to contact or visit us for advice or for help, to finish or repair a mosaic, to look for inspiration and ideas.
Your safety is our main priority during our courses. We try to do everything possible to minimise the chance of being hurt during our courses, and we always have a first aid kit handy in case of injury.

Stained Glass Art is as ancient art as the creation Stained Glass window for a church door
of glass in Egypt bout 2000 B.C. First time used in church' windows by the European in the eleventh to the seventeen century. Louis Tiffany (1848 - 1933) and Frank Lloyd Wright (1869 - 1959) used glass in non-religious form such as lamps and residential windows. The reflection of glass and the numerous range of colours gave it a unique beauty especially when light shine through it.




Basic Mosaic course:

It is the first step of learning the different techniques used in the construction and installation of mosaics.You will learn about Mosaic history, the development of the art over thousands of years, the fundamental skills you need to make your first mosaic you will explore a variety of materials, glass, ceramic, pebble, smalti, china, also glues, grouts, sealers, tools and safety gear. You will learn how to cut and place tesserae using the direct method. Issues such as design and colour choices will be also covered. The skills, which you will learn in the Basic Mosaic Course, will enable you to deal with larger and more ambitions projects.

$ 189.99 + materials
Project: 12" X 12" Wall decore.
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada Studio  see map
Time: 6 classes, 3 hours each on Thursday 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Advanced Mosaic course:mosaic table top
How to use hammer and hardie

If you have successfully completed the basic mosaic course with us, and want to learn more about mosaics this course is for you. In this course you will learn the indirect reverse mosaic method, Venecian technique, using hammer and hardie to cut tesserea, also how to grout your piece in a way that grout complements it. The project in this course is your choice, it can be a table top, a house number, a back-splash, a stepping stone, a sign, ......
Cost: $189.99 + materials ( depends on the project)
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio
see map
Time: 6 classes, 3 hours each on Thursdays 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Mosaic Portrait 
One of the most difficult mosaic application you can make, but with us you will learn how to make a mosaic portrait from a soft or hard copy using Smalti, shading, colours and muscle lines and study the person's soul to add carcter and life to your portrait. Like in Marylyn Monroe on the side, or using the mounting grid as the bottom portrait . also we will introduce the different materials that have been used through centuries, the direction of tesserae (andamenti), the cutting techniques using the hammer and hardie or the Montolit nippers.

Cost: $299.99 + Materials
Project : As big as you want
Time : 8 Classes, 3 Hours each on Thursdays 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.


 Pixelated mosaic portrait with porclin tiles 5x5 mm

Mosaic or Stained Glass workshop for kids and their parents:

A child and her mother working together in a mosaic project, having fun and enjoyed working together for two houres. If you always wanted to make crafts with your child but didn't have the space or  time or if you are trying to come up with a creative and unique gift to give to someone special?
Let your child learn and explore this fun and ancient art form. This one-day class is a great way to achieve that and bond with their parent as they embark on arts and crafts projects. In this  introductory mosaic or stained glass  workshop we will assist you and your child(ren) to complete a project that will be great to treasure. We will provide all  the materials and tools you will need to make your masterpieces.
stained glass workshop


Now, there is even a children’s arts tax deduction that allows you to claim a maximum of $500 per child when you fill out your Canadian income tax. It will basically allow you to pay for some of our classes for free. If you want to find out more about this incredible opportunity, learn more here.

Birthday parties for children 

Cost: $ 69.00 per pair (parent and child) each pair will have one project to work on.
$30.00 will be charged for any additional child working on a different project.
Project: 8”x8” mosaic wall décor ( Mirror, picture frame, ... ) or a stained glass suncatcher
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio. See map
Time:2 hours class on a Saturdays from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

     Adult workshop in mosaic and stained glass

Mosaic / Mixed Media Parties for Kids :
Great for Birthday Parties, Troop Parties, Play Date Parties and more.
We provide: set-up and clean-up for a 2 hour party, you will : Integrate your artistic talent in a spontaneous style using unusual materials such as pebbles, stones, shells; buttons, branches, cloth etc. Project can be coasters, frame, or canves.), all necessary materials and tools, and a mosaics instructor are included. feel free to bring any materials that you want to reuse and it inspire you.
this activity will take place in our studio, or in your place for additional charge. we also include a complementary face painting for your child and 10 professional photos.
You provide: A suitable place to enjoy this fun project, at least one adult to host and assist.
Contact our studio for available dates and times.
Cost: $49 per child.
Minimum of 6 children per party ages 4 and up.

Kids workshop

One-day mosaic Course (basic or advanced): “New”

Crunched for time but want to learn how to make a mosaic? We are happy to offer this new course that covers all the basics of mosaic art. We will provide an 8”x 8” plaque for you to design or you are welcome to bring in an object of your own to work on. Students will learn about cutting, materials, adhesives, sealers and grouts so they can begin their own mosaic. Tools and materials are provided, but if you already completed the basic course with us and are thinking how to tackle a larger project, the intention of the course will be to get you past the most challenging steps in the process of this specific project and to get you well into the longest stage of the mosaic process which is the actual tesserae laying phase. This course can be anything your imagination leads you to. After the class time is finished, you will be able to attend our Open Studio Time. (These are the times when you can come and work on your mosaic project under our supervision) to finish your project. We have contacts with many partners who help us in our artwork by creating frames, bases, and forms from a variety of materials such as iron, concrete, or wood. If your project requires such things ask us and we will find a way to help you. (The cost is determined on a case-by-case basis).

Course time: 4 hours in any day of your choice (call for availability)
Cost: $189.99 
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio. 
   See map 

Beginner Stained Glass Course: 

Stained Glass is an enjoyable and satisfying hobby, classes are meant to be fun and relaxing and for you to social with others and have pride in creating some thing of beauty that will last a lifetime or beyond.
You will complete one stained glass panels (square, rectangle or circle to fit 9" x9") using copper foil or lead technique. you will know all the tools and their uses, difference of various glass, Hand on demonstration of glass cutting, grinding, copper-foiling, leading, soldering, cementing, cleaning, finishing, framing and window installation, also enhance technical skills

Course time: 6 classes,
3 hours each, start any Thursday 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $189.99 +materials and tools.
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio.
See map

One day Stained Glass Beginner Workshop: $189.99 plus materials and tools. In a fast pace (4 hours) we will learn everything as in the Beginner class, This workshop teaches how to make a Stained Glass panel using copper foil or lead techniques.
  • Pattern and material are included in the course fee.
  • You will complete a Stained Glass panel (square or rectangle) to fit in 9"x9"
  • Tools are provided for your use during the course. This fast track course is great for those with limited time or from out of town.

     Unisex Belt Buckle, one hour workshop:

 Learn how to make a unique and trendy hand made belt buckle using a one of a kind glass beads called millefiorii a product from Italy.  Finished with a durable coat of epoxy. Buckle size is 2"x 3"  fit a belt up to 2"
Natural durable leather belts are available in black, red, brown and dark blue.
your waist size is needed to customize your belt for only $45.00  buckle can fit a belt of width 1.5 " 
the belt has a snap to be able to change buckles. The technique can apply to bracelet, jewelry or barrette 

Course time: One hour on saturdays
Cost: $ 85.00 
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio. 
See map

  • Unisex Millefiori jewelery, one hour workhop: 
millefiori jewellery as Dolce and Cabbana sun glasses
 Learn how to make a unique and trendy hand made pendent, earings, cufflinks or rings using a one of a kind
 glass beads called millefiorii a product from Italy.  Finished with a durable coat of epoxy. 

Course time: One hour on saturdays.
Cost: $ 65.00 
Location: Glass Mosaic Canada studio. 
See map

   clay, mosaic, stained glass workshop 

Up to two Hours workshop in :
Mosaic, Stained Glass, Clay or Mixed Media for adult or children from 3 years old

You will learn How important color and texture really are! Everyone will receive individual attention, We will incorporates found objects to implement the idea of "One man's trash is another man's treasure" and working together as community to reuse and recycle.  

Cost: $59.00 plus materials ( $7, $10, $15)

Time : Saturdays at 11 am

Location : Glass Mosaic Canada Studio see map

Picassiette ( broken China) Mosaic workshop
bring your own china plates, mugs, etc...
Dvelop the basic technique in cutting and crafting a mosaic with broken crockery, suitable for 8 years old and above, Saturdays 11 a.m to 1 a.m call for appointment 416-201-8411

The history of Picassiette starts with Raymond Isidor a French graveyard worker in the city of Chartres, France around 1900-1964 One day in 1938, he found some pieces of crockery that amused him and began a mosaic project that would continue for almost thirty years, decorating the interior and exterior of his house, Isidore gathered the materials he needed for his mosaics from garbage dumps, people began to call him Picassiette,” a twist on pique-ssiette (scavenger) or stolen from plate
Picasso visited his house “La Maison de Picassiette” in 1954.
In 1981 the city of Chartres took ownership. Two years later,
 La Maison de Picassiette was honored with national Historical Monument status and remains open to the public as a museum.
Cost: $50.00 plus materials and use of tools ( $10, $15)
Time : Saturdays at 11 am
Location : Glass Mosaic Canada Studio see map

Studio time is charged at rate of $20 / 3 hours 
If you took any course with us, you are allowed to use our facility and advice with your own materials and tools during regular class time.
Thuresdays 5:30 to 8:30

Pattern preparation: $80.00/pattern

You may bring us a picture, photo or doodle and we will create a pattern for you including a color selection sheet. If you want your panel to fit in a window or existing space bring us the exact measurement of the opening (with no allowance) and we will size your pattern to fit.

For those students who wish to have their panels installed in doors or windows, we also provide an installation service where we can sandwich your stained glass panel into an insulated panel that meets building codes and thermally efficient

You are not required to be able to draw, merely supply us with a photograph showing a general idea of your desired concept and we will do the work of creating the technical pattern for you to use.


       Two days         



      Oakville   Christian School

   June   2009  



Five  Days



June 2009